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An Introduction to the Editor with a Short Ditty about the Motorcar

What is a motorcar?  It's a more formal, and accurate, word for car or automobile.  Motorcars are simply motorized passenger vehicles.  A motorcar is different from a truck, which by definition is capable of hauling a considerable load.  But a motorcar may be still be capable of hauling a light load, such as groceries or luggage, to accomodate the owner's daily life.  However, there is an alternative definition... a motorcar also describes a railcar which is self-propelled, such as a San Fransisco street car.  This website is only concerned with the automobile.

I myself have owned both cars and trucks.  As a family member, we still do (I own an old 1980 Chevrolet Deluxe that I'd like to fix up, and my wife owns a great 2004 Pontiac GrandPrix GT).  But I am not a muscle car fanatic like most guys.  Don't get me wrong, I love fast cars and old trucks, I will even be spotlighting My favorites here, but today is a different time.  In order to survive in today's world, I usually look for practical use high mileage vehicles that will last (which is why I own a 6 cylinder truck and advised both my wife and my mother both to buy Pontiac GrandPrixs powered by the Buick 3800 engine).

The problem is that we are wasteful.  In fact, it is no surprise that we are extremely excessive in not only our waste but even our very tolerance of the waste that the human race creates.  Most of this is, unfortunately, due to American influences on the world through the wastefulness that originates from selfishness and greed.  The U.S. auto industry was not the only industry to experience this serveral times in recent history, and is now making a coming back after reviewing this flawed policy.  Automobiles manufactured now are tighter, with a high degree of quality, and on average sport much better fuel economy than ever in the past.

No, the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro are not dead, not by a long shot.  But instead of referring to these high performance flagships as "pony cars", we are now refering to these fascinating monuments of mass produced assembly line automotive technology as pure "muscle cars".  Previously, we described the larger cars, such as the Oldsmobile Rocket 88; the Pontiac GTO; the Ford Thunderbolt; the Chevrolet Impala SS & Chevelle; the Dodge Charger & Daytona, and the Plymouth Road Runner & Superbird, as muscle cars because they were not only equipped with large engines tuned for higher horsepower output, but because these 2 door sedans could also pass as family transportation.  The Chevrolet Corvette was considered a sports car, but its a "muscle car", in part because now it actually sports some muscle.  Because the full-sized and mid-sized muscle cars of yesterday are gone, now anything with substantial muscle is considered a muscle car.

That last observation is intended not to spark controversy, but only to illustrate the wild swing we are taking in human culture.  Nowadays we have electric cars, hybrids and high mileage vehicles (including hybrid and high mileage SUVs) impacting the US auto market in great ways.  We are starting to reduce our waste through lower emissions and higher fuel mileages.  We are still wasteful, but now we can afford a family sedan as well as a small high horsepower pony car with muscle.  The landscape has changed and we have more, much more, so we can decide when we want power and feel good about saving fuel in a hybrid when we drive the family somewhere.

But why is it that no hybrids show us any decent styling?  I wanted a Chevy Volt because it looked like a Camaro, until the first production vehicle rolled off the assembly line and it looked like a Prius clone.  This is my whole point, that automotive style is dead.  SUVs are not great examples of automotive styling, it has always been the family sedan and coupe that we have looked to to make an impression.  And everything except the Tesla Roadster which expolits new and innovative energy efficient engines and technology looks like a stupid Prius.

Is this the death of the motorcar, or just the beginning?

This era has certainly shown us that innovative styling in an innovative and energy efficient family motorcar is certainly dead.  But a new one will arrive, arise and dominate.  An era when each motorcar can make a significant contribution, not just in reducing human waste and resource consumption, but an era when we can finally look to automotive styling as leaders in the feilds of fashion and art again.

And I cannot wait. Logo

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